The Psychology of Chocolate

Judging by my nephew’s sugar-coated face and chocolate-covered hands this weekend, Valentine’s Day is quickly catching up with Halloween as a candy-focused holiday for the young (for the older and frugal of us, the days after the holiday are the best time to indulge). To mark the celebration, let’s look back at the chocolate and sugar themed psychology of blogs past.

Chocolate raspberry tortlets, made and photographed by yours truly.

Chocolate raspberry tortlets, made and photographed by yours truly.

  • If you’ve ever wondered why we sometimes buy more chocolate than we really want, it’s called “mindless accumulation“, and it may be prevented by thinking ahead of time how much of something you really need. So when you arrive at the store for a post-holiday sale, take a moment before you get out of the car to think about
  • You might want to be choosy about which chocolate you buy; pastry chefs invest a lot of time in deciding the best taste and texture to their chocolate, and it would be a shame to put their efforts to waste. After all, as one once told me, “eating is the most intimate interaction we can have with our environment”.
  • Remember that to get the most out of your chocolate, you might want to create some sort of ritual for unwrapping and savoring it
  • …and, of course, pay attention to your chocolate while you are eating it, because mindfully eating food enhances the flavor.
  • Also keep in mind that you can always justify chocolate with the  excuse of needing a cognition-enhancing pick-me-up, because sugar on the tastebuds helps restore your depleted decision-making skills.
  • And if your children start sneaking some of that chocolate for themselves, remember that they crave sugar even more than adults do, possibly because it works as a pain reliever for them.

And with that, it is definitely time for some cacao-infused deliciousness.


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